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Why We Need Solar Freezers in Nigeria

In the last 9 years, the Nigerian electricity grid has collapsed more than 200 times. Like many African nations electricity supply in the oil-rich country is unstable, unreliable, and doesn’t reach everyone. The supply of affordable and reliable Electricity is becoming an African challenge that is putting pressure on governments and power generating companies equally. The same challenge has seen a rise in innovation with Solar Freezers in Nigeria at the forefront of this.

Solar Freezers in Nigeria

Solar power is nothing new in Nigeria and much of Africa. There is certainly plenty of sunshine and the need for the supply of power to more remote areas is obvious, In the last 5 years or more, the development, installation of, and supply of solar freezers in Nigeria has gained international media attention and sales have been slowly increasing. Solar Freezers for Nigerian businesses, schools, and homes are seen as a way forward in the country.

Reasons for a Solar Freezer in Nigeria

With unreliable, expensive electricity, businesses throughout Nigeria need options when it comes to the power supply. In the food production, distribution, and processing industry, freezers are an important part of operations. These freezers need to remain powered on, even a short spell of no power can spoil food to the point where it is no longer fit to be sold. Food security in Nigeria is among the worst in the world, with the country positioned among 100 out of 113 countries with poor food security. The need to store food and retain freshness is vital. Solar Fridges and Freezers in Nigeria are playing a vital role.

Solar Freezers for Nigerian Homes

One of the biggest challenges in the production and supply of solar freezers in Nigeria is cost. Unlike conventional fridges and freezers that simply plug into a power supply, Solar Freezers have other components. Solar panels are a major component of solar-powered freezers, and these come at a cost. Such panels and other components can push the costs and prices of solar-powered freezers and fridges beyond the reach of the average domestic household.

The Benefits of Solar Powered Cooling

Promising round-the-clock refrigeration, Koolboks is making solar-powered fridges and freezers available to everyone. Using the latest geospatial technology, sustainable refrigeration is the number one outcome and overall benefit of modern solar freezers in Nigeria. Using the latest in solar power technology also delivers many other benefits, some unique to Nigeria and a few other African countries.

Firstly, when using a solar-powered fridge or freezer, blackouts are no longer an issue. With a solar fridge or freezer, your appliance remains running even when the main grid is down. Next, through greater efficiency and because you are not using power from the national grid you save money. Finally, running a solar freezer in Nigeria is environmentally friendly as solar power is clean energy.

All Round Winner

A benefit that is unique to Nigeria and other African nations where power supply is a concern is that Solar powered fridges are enabling the safe storage of medicines and vaccines. Solar-powered freezers in Nigeria are literally saving lives. The same machines are helping businesses and improving food security and are all round winners for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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