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  • What is Koolbolks?
    Koolboks makes refrigeration accessible and affordable to all. The company's solar-powered freezers enable eco-friendly and accessible refrigeration to everyone that needs it.
  • Why Koolboks?
    - SOLAR POWERED Our freezers cool off pure solar energy. Solar energy gotten from the sun which makes it perfect for use anywhere; rural or urban areas. - ICE BATTERY Our special feature ice battery technology sets us apart as our line of freezers can keep your items cold for up to 7 days. - INSTALLMENT PAY You do not have to take a loan to own a KOOLBOKS freezer. - USB CHARGING PORT The KOOLBOKS freezers are equipped with USB Charging port that can be used to charge devices and the ‘follow come’ LED bulbs. - LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION Do you know an “I better pass my neighbour” generator can power up to 2 of our freezers? Whether connected to solar power, generators or prepaid meters, you’re sure to save up to 50% on energy.
  • Can I pay KES 6,575 to  own a freezer?"
    Yes you can. Once your credit check is done. If successful, you will be scheduled for delivery
  • How long does the credit check take ?
    The credit check only takes a few minutes. Once a call is made, our tele-sales agent would tell you whether or not you are eligible for the freezer.
  • Do  you operate in my region?
    Please call our number or drop us a note.
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