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CaaS E-Summit will Showcase Success Stories: Part 1

Industry leaders from across the world will come together on 1 December to discuss how the CaaS model is revolutionising the cooling industry. The full-day global Cooling as a Service E-Summit will include panel discussions on successful CaaS implementation, highlighted by case studies from specific regions, such as Africa and ASEAN.

The morning case study session, scheduled for 09:55 CET,will be kicked-off by Dave Mackerness from Kaer in Singapore. Kaer are pioneers in CaaS and have a diverse portfolio of projects that have adopted the service in Singapore, India, and other regions in South-East Asia. Mackerness will discuss the rationale and benefits of servitisation in the cooling industry, and why their company is working towards this vision of making CaaS the model of choice for all buildings. This will be illustrated by various successful case studies in this region.

Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, CEO and founder of ColdHubs Limited (Nigeria) will also join this panel session. ColdHubs won the CaaS Prize earlier this year. Ikegwuonu will speak about how they have applied the CaaS model in agricultural supply chains. ColdHubs designs, installs, commissions and operates 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms in farm clusters, produce aggregation centers and outdoor markets. ColdHubs’ business model is a simple pay-as-you-store CaaS model through which farmers and retailers pay 100 Nigerian Naira (equivalent of USD 0.50) to store one 20kg returnable plastic crate per day inside the cold room.

Ayoola Dominic, CEO and founder of Koolboks, will then speak about the work they are doing in Nigeria to pilot the CaaS model, ensuring fresh produce stay cool in the markets of Lagos by providing and operating solar-powered refrigerators and freezers. The pilot started at the Ijora fish market, one of the largest in the country, and will be extended to other frozen foods markets. In addition, Dominic will speak to how the company is applying the model to provide vaccine refrigeration storage for 25 healthcare facilities in Delta State, Nigeria. Through their current pilot project, three units are being provided to Obior Health Care Facility, Polobubo Health Care Facility and Oporoza Health Care Facility, ensuring vaccines are stored correctly, with a secure source of energy and reliable maintenance. In conclusion of this panel, Dawie Kriel will present Energy Partners Refrigeration’s experience offering Cooling as a Service in South Africa in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. Energy Partners Refrigeration has enabled several key cooling users in South Africa to outsource their refrigeration needs through CaaS, allowing them to focus on their core business while leaving the cooling to the experts. Examples include the Afrupro and the Dr. Oetker case studies.

Overall, this exciting first panel discussion on CaaS implementation in Africa and ASEAN will showcase a variety of applications for Cooling as a Service. All speakers will also be available for questions and will have booths where further information will be available. There will also be a case study panel specific to the Latin American region later in the day at 19:10 CET to ensure participation from the LATAM region.

For more information or to see the full speaker program, have a look at the E-Summit agenda.

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