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”I would love to own a Koolhome Freezer but I can’t afford one at the moment”?

”I would love to own a Koolhome Freezer but I can’t afford one at the moment”

Hol’ up! We got you.

The abysmal nature of electricity in Nigeria is common knowledge. Many businesses and households have been greatly affected by it, and they continue to find alternative solutions to this never-ending problem. However, these solutions come at a greater cost, especially for small business owners. It is even more difficult during this pandemic as many businesses are hit by the current economic realities.

This why Koolhome has created a payment service . Our product is a refrigeration system that is available to low-income earners and makes them less dependent on electricity supply. We offer instalment payment services that allow customers to purchase our products on credit basis and pay as low as N10,000 monthly. This product sale comes with a 3-year warranty.

The aim is to help you stabilize your business and grow it during this period. Our off-grid solar, battery-free refrigerators offer you a unique opportunity to continue your businesses without worrying about electricity. We have combined the natural power of sun and water to provide energy-efficient refrigeration solution that can independently generate cooling consistently in the absence of power.

Apart from being affordable, our freezers also come with functionalities such as USB ports to charge phones and other appliances, led light, and so on. It is available in different sizes including 110L, 210L and 310L. We have them in chest freezers, upright freezer and the fridge freezer combo. Koolhome refrigerator is accessible, affordable and useful for everybody.

We deliver nationwide :)

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